What is Shade Sail Fabric?

The Fabric used is HDPE (High Density Polyethylene). This is especially manufactured with Tensioned Fabric Shade Sails in mind.  The knit is constructed of both monofilament and ribbon tape filler.  The Fabric is treated with UV Stabilisers to give it long life in direct sunlight. 

We do not like to use Monofilament only Shade Sail Fabric for the simple reason that having no Ribbon Tape Filler means that the ability of the Fabric to block the Sun is reduced.  To prove this point, we have a small Monofilament only Shade Sail installed in the Carpark at our Factory which does not block the Sun.  In Fact, it barely even casts a shadow.  Right next to it we have a Shade Sail made from our preferred Fabric, which is in complete contrast, doing an effective job of supplying shade.

We only use Fabric with a UV Block Rating of 90% and above.  Depending on colour, the rating may be as high as 99%.  The average rating is 94%. 

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Is a Lightweight Shade Cloth for Shade Sails an Advantage?

A lightweight strong and stable Shade Sail Fabric is very important when it comes to the stress and strains Shade Sails are subjected to.  A lightweight yet strong, well tensioned Shade Sail contending with extreme weather conditions will not put excessive strain on the support structure, provided the structure is adequately designed and installed.

How are Shade Sails Made?

Brisbane Sailmaker Shade Sails are manufactured with Stainless Steel Cable sewn into the perimeter with Double Lock Stitch.  The Cable is swaged to a Stainless Steel D or O Ring at the corner.  Corners are reinforced with a heavily stitched Gusset and Commercial Quality Webbing Strap. This makes the Shade Sail very stable once installed.

Is the Colour Choice Important?

Light coloured Shade Sails are definitely cooler underneath and will reflect more heat. Darker colours can be more fashionable and less likely to show the dirt. As a rule, we think if the Shade Sail is covering an area where heat penetration is important, then a lighter colour, such as Sungold, will be more suitable.

How are Shade Sails Tensioned?

The success of our Shade Sails depends on the balancing of the Stainless Steel Cable which allows the Fabric to be fully tensioned.  It is the Stainless Steel Cable Edge that gives our Shade Sail its structural stability. This is the most important single feature in the manufacture of a Shade Sail.  The Shade Sail is attached to Posts and Brackets with 316 Stainless Steel hardware, eg. Turnbuckles and D Shackles.  Shade Sails can also be attached to a fascia or wall with Aluminium Sailtrack. (Pictured)

Can Shade Sails Be Repaired?

After a few years, your Shade Sail may be showing signs of wear & tear. Mildew, road grime and dust, along with UV damage to the thread, are inevitable. A wash and full restitch, combined with the original robustness of the fabric, will see your Shade Sail restored to almost as new functionality.
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Are Shade Sails Waterproof?

A well designed and correctly tensioned Fabric Shade Sail will deflect most rain, but will not be waterproof. A selection of PVC Fabric, from Budget to Top of the Range, is available for Shade Sails, which are 100% waterproof.

Shade Sail at Brisbane Motel

Shade Sail – Brisbane Motel

Shade Sail Brisbane Child Care Centre

Shade Sail – Brisbane Child Care Centre

Deck Shade Sails

Heavily Anchored Post Supports
Multiple Deck Shade Sails

Shade Sail Factory Staff Sewing Sail

Skilled Machinists Manufacturing
Shade Sail

Shade Sail Roof Brackets

Shade Sail on Roof Bracket
Tensioned with SST Turnbuckle

Sungold and Terracotta Deck Shade Sails

Sungold and Terracotta Shade Sails Attached to Fascia with Sailtrack

Sungold Shade Sail over Outdoor Dining Area

The Sungold Colour of this Shade Sail Creates a Cool Environment for a Dining Area

Damaged Shade Sails Before Repair

Damaged Shade Sails

Damaged Shade Sails Reinstalled after Wash, Repair and Restitch

Reinstalled after Wash, Repair and Full Restitch  –  Good as New