DIY Shade Sails

Shade Sail Factory - Vinyl Plotting

Waterproof Shade Sail Vinyl Plotting on Factory Floor

We specialise in Factory Direct, custom made Shade Sails for the DIY Market.  Commercial quality Sail Shades using industrial grade fabrics. Each Shade Sail is perimeter wired with 316 Stainless Steel Cable.  This, most importantly, allows the Shade Sail fabric to be stretched drum tight.  Many other manufacturers do not use SST Cable and instead, finish the Shade Sail edge with webbing strap.  This is a significantly inferior way to make a Shade Sail.
We finish the Shade Sail with heavy duty lock stitch using marine grade thread. All Shade Sails are custom made at our Salisbury Factory.  DIY Shade Sails


Shade Sail Installation

Waterproof Shade Sail Installation

Waterproof Shade Sail Installation over Cafe Seating Area

No matter what construction style your Home or Business Premises may be, we can find a fixing point to secure a Shade Sail, eg. for brick walls, custom made steel plates are used. If you have a tiled or metal roof we can fix to your roof joists & trusses. Our approach to the strength of our fixing points remains of the highest priority. Custom made steel posts, columns and brackets are routinely manufactured to solve all fixing problems.

Waterproof Vinyl Shade Sail

Vinyl Waterproof Shade Sail at Cafe Fully Installed

There are numerous ways to install Shade Sails, enough to say that we adhere to established and recognised procedures, and all our installation work is covered by Workmanship and Manufacturer’s Warranty. Each Area Owner Operator is QBCC licensed, and will supply and install your Shade Sail in the most professional possible manner. Over 17 years experience in the Shade Sail Industry is your guarantee.

Shade Sail Repairs

Damaged Pool Shade Sail

Old and Damaged Pool Shade Sail

Whether your Shade Sail is damaged, or is just showing signs of wear and tear, a wash, repair and re-stitch will restore your Shade Sail to almost as new condition at less than half the price of a new Shade Sail.

Repaired Shade Sail reinstalled

Shade Sail reinstalled after Wash and Restitch

Because Shade Sail fabric is HDPE… High Density Polyethylene with a life expectancy of up to 50 years, recycling your old Shade Sail is absolutely the right thing to do, not only for the environment, but also your wallet. For under half the price of a new Shade Sail, you can have your old Shade Sail looking brand new again.

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