Triangle Pool Shade Sails Brisbane

Triangle Sun Sails Shading Pool Area

Because of their versatile nature, Pool Shade Sails are the ideal way to cover swimming pools and pool decks.  They can shade the whole pool, or just part of the pool and pool-side areas. As well as making your swimming pool comfortable and pleasant, Sun Sails also add beauty.  Many Shade Sail Colours are available to give any pool area a bright and cheery holiday atmosphere.

DIY Shade Sails
Outdoor Deck Sail Shades

Outdoor Deck Shade Sails

A Deck with Shade Sails can be one of the most important living spaces in Queensland homes. From a single Shade Sail over a small Porch to multiple Sun Sails over a large Entertaining Area, an Outdoor Shade Sail Installation will complement the architecture of the House or Landscape.

DIY Shade Sails
Carport Sail Shades

Carport Shade Sails

Carport Shade Sails over a Driveway are a practical and cost effective way of providing protection for vehicles, either free standing Sun Sails on Shade Sail Posts, or attached to the House with specialty Shade Sail Brackets and fittings. Cars, Boats, Caravans, Jet Skis – Sails for Shade can be tailored to suit the situation.  From a single car Carport to a multi-vehicle area, we can find the right Shade Sail or combination of Shade Sails for the job. Colour coordinated with your house, Sail Shades will add street appeal and value, and free up useable indoor space.

DIY Shade Sails
Waterproof Driveway Sail Shade

Waterproof Carport Shade Sail

From Commercial quality Vinyl Shade Sail material to Premium Waterproof Shade Sail Fabric, we’ve got you covered.  Pictured is the top of the range Vinyl Membrane Sail with Stainless Steel Disc corners and fitted to Cranked Shade Sail Columns which have been powder coated white.

Our Waterproof Shade Sail Fabric Range is strong and flexible, ideal for the home handyman who wants a DIY Waterproof Shade Sail.

DIY Shade Sails


Handymen, Carpenters, Builders, Landscapers all welcome.
Fast Turnaround – Competitive Pricing on DIY SHADE SAILS for your next project.

Carpark Shade at Shopping CentreParking in the Queensland Sun often means getting into a stifling car with hot seats. When there is no choice but to park outside at the shops or workplace, Shade Sails can cover many cars or a few, keeping your Customers coming back.

DIY Shade Sails

Child Care Centre Shade SailsShade Sails play an important role in the Sun Protection Strategy of Queensland Schools and Child Care Centres.  Schools are no longer an environment of concrete, bitumen and steel.  High UV Block Shade Sails create a safe area for students and teachers, as well as improving the aesthetic appeal of the property.

DIY Shade Sails