DIY Shade Sails


This allows your Shade Sail to be tensioned drum tight and able to withstand the pressures from storms and wind gusts.

Brisbane Sailmakers has over 20 years Shade Sail manufacturing experience at our Factory in Salisbury, Brisbane.
Your Custom DIY Shade Sail will be user friendly, making installation to your Posts and Brackets easy to achieve.  In just a few steps, the result will be a commercial quality, well tensioned custom made Shade Sail.
We have used our Range of Shade Fabric for many years, and supply only Commercial grade materials which have stood the test of time.

Shade Sail Fabric Choice


All Stainless Steel Cable and fittings are Marine grade 316 Stainless Steel.
Freight – Flat Rate $30.00* to most Australian destinations
*excludes vinyl
or pick up from our Salisbury Factory.


To calculate your DIY Shade Sail price, please note the number of points your Shade Sail requires from the 4 shapes represented below (3, 4, 5 or 6 fixing points).

First draw a Plan Elevation view of the Shade Sail.
Working clockwise, give each Point a letter starting with A.
(These are now the coordinates)
Post with Eye NutUsing a Fibreglass Tape attached to the eyebolt, measure each coordinate and add up to give you the Perimeter measurement of the Shade Sail. Only the Perimeter measurement is required to find the Price of your Shade Sail.
On the Price List, refer to the Fabric of your choice and the nearest whole metre from the drop down menu. (The perimeter is the total of the edge of the Sail – A – B, B – C, C – D etc. eg – 21 edge metres, 4 fixing points.)
If you wish to place an order, a further set of precise measurements will be needed
to guarantee a correct fitting Shade Sail.  At that time we will tell you the exact measurements we will need to make a perfect Shade Sail.

Now proceed to click on the shape that corresponds to the Shade Sail you require, whether 3, 4, 5, or 6 fixing points.

NB: Waterproof Shade Sail installations require fall to allow rain water to run away.  DIY Customers please ensure your installation has sufficient fall to stop run off water ponding.

No liability accepted whatsoever for any DIY Shade Sail Installation failure.

Triangle Shade Sail

3 Point Shade Sail

4 sided shade sail

4 Point Shade Sail

5 sided shade sail

5 Point Shade Sail

6 sided shade sail

6 Point Shade Sail